The Ampang Kitchen Private Dine-in Dinner Menu

$140 per pax. Minimum group size of 10 pax required, up to 28 pax. Bookings for dinner to be made at least 7 days in advance (50% deposit required upon booking, and the remaining 50% to be paid 3 days before the dinner).

Please select any nine (9) items in our menu. You may select dishes from our dine- in lunch and catering menu as well.

Soups, Salads and Desserts are included as part of the nine (9) items. You can add extra item(s) at $10 per dish, per pax.

Please call / whatsapp us at 9618 7107 (Raymond) / 9029 3884 (David) to check availability of the date before filling up our Private Dine-in reservation form.

*Exclusive to Dine-in Dinner menu only.

Bakwan Kepiting Soup*

A Peranakan celebratory soup, made with chicken, pork and prawn stock, with balls made of crabmeat, prawns , pork and bamboo shoot.

Pig Tripe with Ginko & Pepper Soup

A generous serving of soft tender pig tripe, refreshing water chestnut and gingko nuts, simmered over a slow fire of rich pork and chicken bone broth, making the soup explosive with flavour using Sarawak pepper! 

Kiam Chye Duck with Pork Soft Bone Soup

A whole fresh duck with pork soft bone and kiam chye and mushrooms simmered over 3 hours.

Ampang Rojak

Served chilled like a Western Salad, you get everything you would want - pineapples, cucumbers, bang-kwang (turnip), green mangoes, starfruit, generous serving of yew teow and century eggs; all mixed in our special homemade rojak prawn paste with ground peanuts and sesame.

Banana Flower Kechai*

A Penang salad made with the rare banana flower doused with a coconut cream sauce!

Ayam / Pork Ribs* Buah Keluak

Cooked with chicken leg or Pork Ribs*, using fresh herbs and spices for the rempah and very generous portion of Buah Keluak Meat in the gravy, we will say it is quite unmatchable.

Assam Fish with Ladies Fingers

This is a great version of curry for those who love sour-spicy flavours. We cook our assam fish using fresh Red Snapper fish, a specially selected assam, fresh lime juice, pure Thai tamarind, topped off with lady's fingers and tomatoes.

Babi Chinchalok*

Pork belly fried with Chinchalok in a sour sweet gravy!

Babi Pangang (Siew Yok)*

Roasted Peranakan style , the underside marinated with shallots, garlic and coriander, served with sweet sauce and English mustard.

Beef Rendang

Using Beef shin which has streaks of tendon in the meat, cooked with our homemade Rompah (spice paste) that has 17 different herbs and spices, coconut milk, gula melaka and kresik (grated pan fried coconut) over 4 hours of slow fire.

Charcoal Grilled Satay Bohong*

Charcoal grilled version of our Satay Bohong, a half century old Penang home recipe, served on its own without the usual peanut dip!

Itek Sio

This unique duck (Itek) dish has a signature aroma and unique taste that comes from the exceptional amount of coriander and other earthy spices used in the cooking. Sio is a Peranakan gravy that has a sweet and sour flavour with some assam sour-ishness.

Joo Hoo Char*

A Penang home dish with bangkwang, carrot, belly pork strips, mushrooms and dried cuttlefish served with lettuce.


KL Style Char Siew

A thick and juicy belly pork from Holland, marinated with our family guarded recipe, slowly roasted and charred to perfection.

Ngor Hiang*

Authentic and robust, pork liver, prawns and minced pork with coriander and spices.

Pie Tee*

Penang style with dried cuttlefish and a piquant chilli sauce.

Steamed Fish Otah*

Penang style, steamed with red snapper in a creamy coconut sauce.

Tetae Lemak*

A Malaysian Peranakan Favourite, sweet potato , leaves and prawns in a light spicy coconut gravy.

Banana Pengat*

An enhanced version of bubor chacha, sweetened with gula melaka accompanied with steamed Pisang Raja, soaked overnight in sugar syrup!


Our Chendol is homemade using fresh pandan leaves (no artificial colouring or essence), fragrant Gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar), USA kidney beans boiled for 3 hours and fresh creamy coconut milk!

Pulot Hitam with Dried Longan

Our Pulot Hitam is the Penang style that is thick and creamy with coconut cream. We add dried longan as the source of sweetness to this classic thick and gooey black sticky rice, making it really unique!


Please call / whatsapp us at 9618 7107 (Raymond) / 9029 3884 (David) to check availability of the date before filling up our Private Dine-in reservation form.

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